Monday, February 28

0 Define COVERT! lmfao

nakita ko lang to, at natawa ko ng major major.

cov·ert (ku'v'ert)
v. cov·ert, cov·er·ting, cov·erts
1. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal.
2. To overlay or spread with something: covert potatoes with gravy.
a. To put a covert or coverting on.
b. To wrap up; clothe.
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use in a sentence
1) my mudra, covert my books. i love it!
2) the girl was raped, they found the body covert with blood.

0 A Love letter for the dead

Hi ( his name here ),

It's been a while. I never imagined I'd be writing you this letter. i just had to. at least to give me peace. everyone needs peace, i know you do too. I remember the first time we met. i always thought you were cute. but i never thought we'd be together. I flirted with you, and you flirted back. that was the start. we exchanged numbers. a few messages. shallow ones. sweet flirty messages. sometimes sexy ones. you were such a tease and you never fail to tempt me. we see each other almost everyday, i make sure of that. I'll always pass by at your classroom. just seeing you makes my day. soon, i realized I'm head over heels in love with you. but i had to hold back first. i need to make sure you feel the same. day after day, everything went smoothly between us. i would end the night talking to you, and i would wake up with a message waiting to be read. i would spend my day as if I'm in the heavens all thanks to you. i remember when you use to wait for me even if your class ends 4 hours earlier. On Saturdays you would even go to my class earlier than i do, and would wait  for me just to say hi. i remember when you would bring me food whenever i stay late for practices. you would even wait for me just so we can walk together. you never asked for any expensive things. but you would always give me little trinkets i never imagined receiving. i would never forget when you introduced me to your friends. they did not like me at first but you never left me. you would even flake on your gimmicks just so we can spend time together even if i don't ask you to. but the best part is when you introduced me to your mom. we were holding hands and we can both feel each others nerves. we both relaxed when she smiled at us. it was perfect. even your mom knows i don't eat fish, and it's because you would talk about me everyday, that's what she said. remember the time when we studied together? you weren't able to solve a single problem because you were too busy doodling our names at the back of your notebook. i remember when you would never stop asking me to record a song on your phone, you said i have the sweetest voice. do you remember our first kiss? you asked for it, you begged for it.. in front of a lot of people. you said you wanted to prove that you love me for real. you would always hold my hand for hours, and if it becomes sweaty, you won't mind and you would hold it tighter. i never felt so wanted before. i remembered the first time we did it. it was hard for both of us, it was awkward and I was your first, but it was our choice. you wanted it. and you wanted it even more after the first time. we would do it during weekends even on weekdays. it's addictive. you're addicted. both of us really. it's so full of passion. full of love. we memorized each others lips. when to bite, and when not to stop. we were in love. we are one.

     That fateful day i remembered, we did not argue, but you became different. i got fewer messages. no calls. no visits. nothing. i didn't know what to do. i got paranoid. i thought there is someone else. i would suspect on every girl that got close to you. and you didn't like it. you got tired. i asked what's it about. what the hell is wrong. what is your problem? what do you want me to do? you never answered me. not a single word. you looked confused. we were both confused.

I thought i knew it. i thought i know what to do. i did it. i had to be safe. i broke up with you.

ever since, i never heard anything from you. what was your reaction? are you happy? are you hurt? were you planning to break up with me if i didn't say it first? answer me! i have no idea. tell me. i need to know. but you were cruel. you left me hanging. waiting.

and i never lost hope, deep inside, i wanted us to get back together. that's coz i don't know how to live normally, coz the normal life that i know is with you. you were part of me, and i know i am yours too. i fought hard. but it was too hard to work on something that was meant for 2 people. i can't do it alone. you have to help me. We were both prisoners of each other. and i can't move on not unless you set me free. and i don't want to be set free.

days passed, weeks. months. nothing. you changed completely. and i did too. i started to destroy myself. did you know you were the only person who were able to make me stop smoking? yes it was you, although i never told you. after that i never stopped smoking. it was the only thing i had. even my friends, they did not understand what i was going through back then. they never listened, and they never believed me. I need to handle it on my own for no one is willing to help me. not even you. of course, you never knew all these. you never cared to know. it was none of your business.

i am used to staying up late speaking with you. after that, i had a hard time sleeping. did you know that i took Valium? yes i did. numerous times. i wanted to sleep through all of it. i never wanted to wake up, but i always do, just so i can feel the pain all over again. there's even one time, i got so depressed that i burned almost half of my clothes. you didn't know that did you? well, you didn't have to know. what for? i got sick of going to school, but i had to force myself. i did manage to attend classes but that was it. i attended but i never really studied. i ate a lot after we broke up, and i gained so much but i didn't care. i became insecure. that's when i started poking my throat every time i ate. it only stopped when i spitted blood. it was careless of me not to notice the tip that i was using is pointed. I also dated a lot of people. had sex numerous times, only to forget you. it didn't help either, it just made everything worse. i would always invite friends to drink, every night if possible hoping i get drowned. i would always argue with everyone for no reason. i would mock everyone. i would mock them so they would hurt me. they would hurt me with words. painful words. and i liked it. that's what I've been longing for. the words i never heard from you. you never realized my sacrifices when were together. i bet you didn,t know the time i almost failed an exam because i was busy studying your lessons the night before. you didn't know, how many meetings i never attended just to spend time with you and how many any other things failed because of that. you didn't know how many times i quarreled with friends for disliking you. You didn't know how much pain i endured on times you become rough when we do it. even if i don't want to, you would never let me rest, and i don't want to disappoint you either. you didn't know how close i am to not being able to graduate because of you. you didn't know i almost died because of the things i did to myself. you don't have any idea. you know nothing.

so now you don't exist. i never knew you. i never met you. i killed you. you're dead.

and so am I. i died when you changed. i died when you left me with no words. i died when you betrayed me. i died from the moment you made me fall for you. you killed me.

i may be moving, breathing, but it doesn't mean I'm alive. I'm not asking for any explanation. not now. never. it's too late. i just want to say the things you never knew and will never know. Maybe you are happy now. I hope.

i want you to know I am dying soon. but not until i finished the things i have to do. once they're done. I vowed to receive the inevitable death. and no matter how long that will take. always remember, it was you who killed me.


( your name here )

3 We survived BAGUIO, as in survived

Last friday nag decide kami ng mga friends ko na sumugod sa Baguio dahil sa Panagbenga festival, kahit na maraming nag warn sa kin na super dami ng tao. Gora pa din kami, pero kamalasan ang sumalubong sa min.
We experienced a lot of first times and for 2 of my friends, first time pa lang nila makakapag Baguio.

1/5 pa lang to ng pila ng mga chance passengers waiting for bus going to Baguio. winner!

 First time ko mag public transpo going to Baguio. it was stressful pero fun. naubusan kami ng bus sa Victory liner coz we weren't able to reserve tickets at late na din kami nakadating sa terminal. We transferred to Dagupan bus terminal na kung san may available buses left. kaso after a few hours of waiting na-realize namin na wala palang kasiguruhan ang time ng pagdating ng bus pa-baguio so we decided to try our luck on another bus going to Manaoag and to wait for a van from there to baguio.
bus ridegoing to Manaoag.
Manaoag Church at dawn
we finally reached Manaoag, but to my dismay, inabutan na kami ng pagputok ng araw sa van terminal dun. Sobrang gusto ko pa naman ma-witness ng friends ko ang sunrise habang binabaybay ang Kennon road, it is one amazing moment na worth seeing. 
     After mamuti ng mata namin kakahintay ng van sa manaoag, finally nagtagumpay kami sa pakikipagbalyahan at agawan sa van. sabi kasi sa terminal ang first trip ay 6am at ang last ay 6pm, pero feeling namin ibig sabihin nun "bahala na kung anung oras darating ang unang van basta 6am to 6pm". nakiusap si Boo sa driver ng van kung pwede mag stop sa Lion's head for some pics, pumayag naman si manong. kaya kahit badtrip na badtrip ang mga thunders na kasakay namin dahil sa delay, eh wakamikebz. hehe.

Glory, Jofaye and Bem at the Lion's head
 Boo, janet at ang 3 langaw na napadpad sa Baguio (at Burnham waiting for kuya Abie)
My gosh, totoo nga, super traffic pagdating namin ng Baguio. Sa 300 times kong pagpunta dito ngaun lang ako nakaranas ng ganung traffic. We waited for our contact kuya Abie at Burnham park. Sya ang may-ari ng transient house na tutuluyan namin. we planned very late for this trip kaya no choice kami but to make kagat na of the transient house because all the hotels etc. are all so puno. Akala ko pag sinabing transient house, it's like renting someone's rest house or extra house for us to stay to, di ko naimagine na we will be living together with a family, ganun pala yun. kahit na medyo disappointed ako sa tutuluyan namin, na off-set naman yun ng kabaitan ni kuya Abie and his family.

kwek-kwek sa baguio.

 after settling at kuya abie's house, we freshened up a bit and went back to the city to have lunch but before that we need to make sure meron na kming ticket pauwi kung ayaw namin ma stuck sa baguio. sobrang gutom na pala kami mula sa mahabang byahe. si kuya Abie na din ang ni-rent namin na maging driver doon since may van naman sya. As usual box office nanaman ang Victory liner at nauwi nanaman kami sa Dagupan bus terminal. we booked a 5:00pm bus going back to Manila.
Si Jofaye habang nagdadasal para sa bus ticket namin
 We had our lunch sa ihaw-ihaw sa tabi ng burnham, this is one of my favorite eating places dito sa baguio. dahil sa good food at memories it brings (dito kami nag lunch kasama ng mga ka-officer ko sa CAT at ni sir Blue way back Hiskul). Ganun pa din kasarap ang mga pagkain nila, siksikan pa din, the only thing that changed is the price. mas mahal na sya ngaun sa Gerry's grill. Promise. pero ok lang, reward na din namin to after the long torturous travel, basta pag kakain ka dito make sure to bring goggles at extra shirt. mag-aamoy barbeque pati pantyliner mo at iiyak ka ng major major sa barbeque fog nila.
After makakain at mag energize! PAK! sumabak na kami sa pamamasyal. di na namin inabutan ang street dancing. sabi namin, kami na lang ang sasayaw sa street ifever. our first stop is the crystal cave.

Ang crystal cave. bow. pagdating namin dun, agad kaming sinalubong ng mga bulilit na guide. una isa lang tapos naglabasan lahat. madami pala sila. at 120 ang bayad sa isang guide kaya isa lang ang kinuha namin. pagbaba, naamoy kagad namin ang crystals. matindi. ganun pala un haha. Sad to say, sobrang polluted na ng crystal cave, although sabi ng mga bata, sa labas lang daw un ng cave, malinis naman daw ang loob. pero kahit na, di ko na ginustong alamin, so nagpaiwan na lang ako sa knila sa labas ng cave kasama ng mga batang holdupper este guides hehe. infernes sa mga bata di talaga sila nagsisinungaling. while singing and listening to my ipod, sabi nila "kuya singer po ba kayo?" with all innocence ang pagkasabi nila. di ako nagreact, hanggang sa inabutan ako ng isang little girl ng crystal, pampaswerte daw. binigyan ko sya ng 20 pesos. tpos madaming bata pa ang inabutan ako ng crystals. so ibig sabihin sobrang swerte ko na. kaso nga lang muntik na sila magpatayan sa bente ko, kaya di ko sigurado kung naipasa ba talaga nila ang swerte sa kin.
sobrang napagod sila sa crystal cave. bagsak tuloy sila
after non, we went to The Mansion, Wright park and then Minesview park. sobrang dami pa din ng tao, parang nasa MOA lang.
The Mansion and the Maids
si Boo habang nag po-pose sa wright park
at minesview
Nakita ko ulit ang pink na kabayo sa minesview. dalawa na sila, sister nya siguro ang isa. 10php per picture not bad. yumuko din ako, at nag announce ng "5php per picture!!" pero wala naman sumakay sa kin. sayang.
me and boo
2nd day, maaga kami nagising para maaga makapunta ng burnham. sabi kasi madami na daw nakapwesto dun to get a good view of the parade. pero dahil swerte nga kami. nawalan sila kuya abie ng TUBIG!!!! meaning walang heater. ayun buti na lang andun si booboo, pinagigib at pinaginit nya kami ng panligo. kahit sa bahay di yan nag iigib sa baguio lang. past 6 na kami nakaalis kila kuya abie, dun na din kami nag bfast
ito na ang inabutan namin
super dami ng tao. pati yung tulay box-office. kaya nakipag siksikan talaga kami kahit hindi amoy pines ang katabi namin, keri na.

 Winner ang mga float pati na din ang mga perfomers. world class although meron ding mga nahalong parang fiestang pang baranggay lang. everyone had a great time kahit madaming umagaw ng eksena at nahimatay.


Friday, February 25


      sa everyday kong pag ffacebook at pakikisalamuha sa mga tao. nothing annoys me more than a BRUBEX (pabruskong beki). eto ung mga bading na nagtatago at nagpapalit anyo na parang isang ninja ng Konoha. i know i should not be affected by this pero hindi ko mapapayagan na lumaganap pa ang kanilang relihiyon at makapambiktima pa sila ng mga inosente! lol.

     as much as it annoys me, sobrang tawang tawa din ako pag nakaka encounter ako ng mga BRUBEX sa FB. ung mga tipong huling huli na eh nag dedeny pa. for everyones information, meron tayong tinatawag na BAKLAMETER. Parang 6th sense na nagagamit para mabuking ang mga natatagong kalansahan sa ating paligid. And unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with this ability, not unless you are a halamang dagat yourself. So ito ang ilang mga simpleng TIPS (na sinurvey ko pa sa mga professional)  para makatulong upang makahuli at makaiwas sa mga NINJANG BRUBEX.

una ang Baklameter o gaydar in english ay may iba't ibang gamit at benefits para sa mga sumusunod:

eto naman po ang ilang sa mga naipon kong tips mula sa mga Brubex experts na kanilang nagagamit sa pang araw araw na pamumuhay.

1) FB Pictures (Profile pictures)- maging mapanuri sa kanilang profile pictures o kahit san pang FB pics. kadalasan ito ay nagsisilbing watermark ng kanilang kabaklaan. 

Tunay na Lalaki
ang tunay na lalaki, astig, walang arte at hindi pa cute.kadalasan pa naka chin-up. kapag madalas nakayuko at nakatingala sa camera at pa sweet ang pose. malamang, isa syang brubex.

2) Sobrang Vain - it's ok to look good, bumili ng signature, get a good haircut and so so. pero may limit yan. kung girl ka, pero mas marami pa syang alam na brands kesa sayo, mas skinny pa ang jeans kesa sa leggings na suot mo, nakakasugat sa tulis ang shoes, at naka white belt. nako, maaaring isa syang beki. some straight guys can dress well, neat or up-to-date but a straight guy is not really interested in standing out all the time, they don't want all the attention much more to look like a devil-wears-prada fanatic. pigil version nga lang. Real guys are very egoistic. gusto nilang nakikilala or nakakakuha ng atensyon dahil sa kanilang personality at diskarte.

3) the ME album- ang ibig sabihin ko dito ay ang SOLO PHOTO ALBUM SA FACEBOOK na puro mukha lang nya sa lahat ng angulo na posibleng kunan. again, another narcissistic move. who wants to see the same face in 120 pictures, not unless you're a male model or something that requires selling yourself. Narcissus saw his reflection in the water, he fell in love with himself, narcissus is a guy, therefore he fell in love with a guy.

4)Mataray pa kay Maricel Soriano at sa kapitbahay naming menopause- pag may hindi nagustuhan ang lalaki, he will tell it to your face or he will simply laugh it off. Pag nagalit naman sya, nakikipagsuntukan sya o nambubugbog, thus the battered wife. it's not normal for a guy to be mataray (so conio eww), lalo na kung sa babae sya nagtataray. it's a guy's nature to be Carinoso to girls or manyak pa nga kung minsan pero hindi ang magmasungit. kaya pag regular kang sinusungitan lalo na't walang dahilan na parang dini-dysmenorrhea . kaya kapag ganun, malamang sumasampalataya din sya kay SanRio.

5) No Balls for basketball- not all guys really play basketball, then again, this could be another sign your guy could be beki. kadalasan di sumasali ang mga bex sa basketball, this sport is not appealing to them. Di nila bet makipag balyahan sa mga guys at ayaw din nila ang masaktan. come on, sinong guy ang ayaw ng basketball.
6)His Music choices- Lady gaga, beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Britney, Rihanna, Madonna or Jonalyn Viray. they will not sing this out loud, specially if you can hear it. pero believe me, they know it by heart. try checking on his ipod, or obserbahan sila pag nasa bar, wait for these songs, with the party spirit, a few alcohol and dim lights, for sure they will sing along.

7) Gay is taboo- by this i mean, di sya ung tipong nabibiro ng mga gay jokes o hindi mo sya pwedeng asaring bading kung ayaw mong mairapan, worse sabunutan ka nya. they are extra sensitive when it comes to this, unlike real guys na sasakyan lang ito. they become too defensive when it comes to gayness. 

8) HOMOPHOBIC- yes, true, they are scared of their own kind. mailap sila sa mga bading because of their natural baklameter abilities. they're too scared to blow their cover. kaya they would act nandidiri o kaya galit sila sa bading kuno. di ba sir. hahaha

eto na po muna ang mga tips na maibibigay ko. i know hindi sa lahat ng oras ay applicable ito. maaari din itong pumalya 1 way or another. i suggest gamitin lahat ng mga tests na ito upang makatiyak, malay nyo this could also help them get out of the aparador, finally. makakaasa kayo ng ipagpapatuloy ko ang pag reresearch ng iba pang tips hehe.  share yours! i would luv that! mwachupah!

Thursday, February 24

0 The BIEB is gone

I'm hell sure it's MANNY PACQUIAO's fault. Look at him. 

on an interview, sinabi ni Manny na hindi si Justin Bieber ang ginagaya kundi si Bruce lee. eh di ba ganun din ang buhok ni ellen degeneres, at ng the beetles at dating buhok din ni aiza seguerra.

naasar tuloy si Justin Bieber

BTW, who says J.B. is gay?? duh, this picture is so straight kaya. tsk

Monday, February 21

1 Ang tunay na CHICKS....

Para sa kin,

ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: minsan ay may bigote

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay itotodo ang electric fan, tapos
                                             magtatalukbong ng kumot.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay hindi nawawalan ng split ends, tutsang o
                                             bewang sa buhok.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay mahilig mag suot ng hanging, tapos hahawakan
                                             ang laylayan para di umangat.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay may loose powder bukod pa sa face powder.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay di mawawalan ng pares ng leggings

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay 30 minuto ang katumbas ng 5 minuto

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay mahilig mag “TSK” pag naiinip, naiinis o kapag bored.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay di naguubos ng kanin o ng anumang pagkain

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay tumitili ng di bababa sa 20 decibels pag
                                             nakakakita ng ipis

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay may allergy sa kung anu mang bagay.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay nagsasabing haggard sya
                                              kahit bagong retouch lang.

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay nagbabaon ng tsinelas pamalit heels

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay nagtatanim ng galit kahit nakipagbati na

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay tumitirik ang mata pag may hindi nagustuhan
 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay laging naka side view pag nagpapapicture
                                            (kahit sa 2x2)

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS:  ay hindi nawawalan ng smiley  ;>

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay mahina lang pumara, at mag t-TSK kapag lumagpas

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: minsan ay may biceps

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay hindi nag c-CR magisa

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay nagsasalamin sa lahat ng makintab na
                                             bagay na madaanan

 ANG TUNAY NA CHICKS: ay ngumanganga ng pa letrang O
                                             kapag nag lalagay ng eye-liner

Para sayo, ano ang tunay na CHICKS?

Sunday, February 20

11 Lollipop o Hipon

Natawa ko sa isang post ng friend ko sa FB. at syempre pinatulan ko naman.

eh ikaw? ano naman ang choice mo? lollipop na "lick the head, nevermind the stick"? o dun sa crispy hipon na finger licking good and will have you craving for more?? at kung ikaw naman ang i-cacategorize, lollipop o hipon ka ba?
share your thoughts!

1 anda, andalu, anjo yllana, okane, atik, datong

isang araw, habang guamagawa ako ng isa sa mga Daily report ko, nakita ko ito sa isang printed na Cash report sa itaas ko.

"Money can buy you everything, except Happiness. A passport to anywhere except Heaven"

oo nga naman. good point. naisip ko bigla. ako, ang mga kasama ko, mga kaibigan ko, lahat halos ng kakilala natin, ay busy sa pag ttrabaho. pero para saan. kailangan nga naman natin ng pera, pero di tayo nagttrabaho solely para lang dito. hindi dapat pera ang maging motivation natin.

naalala ko noon, sabi ng friend ko. "we work to live, but we do not live to work".

ayan bigla tuloy ako tinamad pumasok bukas.

4 Mga pagkaing di pinagisipan

Would you agree with me kung sasabihin kong ang mga pagkain nating Pilipino ay hindi masyadong pinagisipan? well, hindi naman lahat, lalo na ngayon na lahat ay ni re-rebuff at ginagawan ng arte. pero kung iisipin mo, bakit nga ba walang cooking show na purely filipino dishes lang ang fini-feature? kung meron man, panigurado ko hindi ito nagtagal o magtatagal. 

     Molto Mario, Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian at Mexican made easy. Ilan lang yan sa mga shows sa food network kung saan ang bawat isa ay dedicated sa cuisine ng isang country. whether it's Italian, French, American, Mexican, Japanese o Chinese, di sila mauubusan ng iluluto. don't get me wrong proud naman akong maging Filipino (minsan hindi), at mahal na mahal ko ang pagkain, yun nga lang minsan parang mas masarap naman lumafang kung alam mo na sa bawat pag kagat, pag subo, pag dila at pag lunok ng iyong paboritong pagkain, may kasama itong Art, History at Culture. yun tipong ang bawat ingredients ng kinakain mo eh dumaan sa mga stages bago naging kung anu man sila ngayon. tulad na lang ng pasta. lately na lang naman nagkaroon ng mga instant pasta considering yan ang staple food ng majority ng mga european countries. noon, bago sila maka pagluto ng spaghetti, kelangan muna nila mag masa ng dough at hulmahin ang noodles ng mano mano. kaya nga siguro ngkaroon ng Lasagna pasta kasi tinamad nang putulin into noodles yung pasta. Sa iba naman may iba't-ibang uri ng bread, wine, or desserts na talaga naman nakakatamad gawin dahil mahirap at maarte. ang ice cream na hindi rin sa tin naimbento, ang cheese na nag mutate na gatas, mga burger, sausages, ketchup, mayonnaise at kung anu-ano pa na ineenjoy na nating lahat ngayon. lahat sila hindi tayong mga noypi ang naka imbento. 

madalas akong makatanggap ng mga pasalubong mula sa mga officemates at kaibigan kong nag out of town, mga pastilyas, panucha, yema at isang libong uri pa ng mga kakanin at matamis. sobrang naappreciate ko pag binibigyan ako, kaso nga lang hindi talaga ko mahilig. may ilan ilang matamis na sa totoo lang hindi ko ma distinguish ang pinagkaiba. bukod sa pareho silang lasang asukal o gatas, ang nakikita ko lang na pagkakaiba ay ung kulay o kaya naman wrapper hehe. Mga main Dishes natin tulad ng tinola, sinigang, nilaga (na masasarap at mga paborito ko) sa tingin ko naman ay walang Art o presentation. naisip ko nga minsan siguro ang mga sinaunang pinoy, ang mahalaga sa kanila ay makapagluto at makakain lang. kaya most ng mga original pinoy dishes ay basta lang may sabaw, may hiniwang mga gulay, hiniwang karne o isda at VOILA, Bon appetit! kaya kung may distinction, yun ay kung anong gulay o sahog ang meron o wala. 

To further elaborate my point, here are some comparisons of ingredients and preparation of the common foods we know:




1 cup condensed milk

1/2 cup crushed peanuts


Combine all the ingredients for the yema and cook until the mixture is thick.

Set aside and cool.

Roll into balls of about 1 inch in diameter.

you may also put it in cellophane wrapper




6 egg yolks

6 tablespoons white sugar, divided

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 1/2 cups heavy cream

2 tablespoons brown sugar


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C).

Beat egg yolks, 4 tablespoons sugar and 

vanilla in a mixing bowl until thick and creamy.

Pour cream into a saucepan and stir over low heat until it almost comes to boil. 
Remove the cream from heat immediately. Stir cream into the egg yolk mixture; 
beat until combined.

Pour cream mixture into the top of a double boiler. Stir over simmering water 
until mixture lightly coats the back of a spoon; approximately 3 minutes. Remove 
Mixture from heat immediately and pour into a shallow heat-proof dish.
Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and cool to room 
temperature. Refrigerate for 1 hour, or overnight

Preheat oven to broil.

In a small bowl combine remaining 2 tablespoons white sugar and brown sugar. 
Sift this mixture evenly over custard. Place dish under broiler until sugar melts, 
about 2 minutes. Watch carefully so as not to burn.

Remove from heat and allow to cool. Refrigerate until custard is set again.

Saturday, February 19

4 Jejemuch??

just got this from google, for illustration purposes only.
*first, i would like to apologize for this. i am fully aware that this post might offend several people. i do not intend to generalize the JejeNation. but since this is my V-L-O-G. wakokebz. IF you feel a bit of pain because of my attacks to jejemons. don't be confused, denial will surely follow. for you are a jejemon urself.

okay, i don't discriminate. Fine, I do. but i have my reasons. you know approx. 7 months ago. i celebrated my 21st bday. my office friends surprised me with a little shindig. aside from that, nagplano din ako ng maliit ng parttteeeyyy for some of my other friends. i rented a karaoke bar in Malate. pagkalipas ng ilang daang kanta, beer at 21 gifts. oras na para umuwi. ako at ang 2 ko pang friends ay nagkaayaan pang mag coffee after. i stayed for at least half an hour, tapos nagpaalam na din ako sa kanila since magpapaumaga na sila dun. instead na mag-taxi kagad after exiting the coffee shop i decided to take a little walk papuntang taft dahil mas madali ang way ng taxi dun. when i got there, there were several other people, na mukhang mga galing din sa gimikan. super dami ng taxi na dumadaan, but i wanted a yellow cab. R&E specifically. dahil malapit na sa min ang garahe nila so more or less, kabisado na nila ang route plus the fact na mas safe ang mga company taxi.

from afar, may nakita akong Kuliglig. sa tagal ng itinambay ko sa kamaynilaan nung college, pamilyar na pamilyar ako sa mga kuliglig at napansin ko nga na ang bagal nito ay hindi pangkaraniwan. parang prosesyon. pero may natanaw na kong yellow taxi sa bandang likod pa nya. in short ang focus ko ay nasa taxi sa malayo..... dun ako nagkamali....<suspense music>
di ko na namalayan na nasa tapat ko na pala ang mahiwagang kuliglig, at mula dito ay tumalon ang lima hanggang anim na Jejemon. oo, Jejemon, hawig na hawig ng mga nasa litrato sa itaas (pero hindi sila yung mga yun ok). para silang mga pokemon na naglabasan sa pokeball. dalawa kaagad ang dumikit sa kin. ung isa ay tinutukan ako ng kitchen knife. ung kitchen knife na common na may orange na handle. malaki at mahaba. tinutok nya ito sa tagiliran ko. sabi nya, sa malumanay at magalang na boses "s4s@cksAk!Hn qU!t@H f@g dHee m0h v!nighAi @ng ceHlFown Mowh! <sasaksakin kita pag di mo binigay ang celfone mo". sabay diin ng orange kitchen knife.

<pause, flashback, office party, gifts, videoke, childhood memories, tunnel, ilaw>

mahal ako ni Lord, sa kung ano mang dahilan, a few seconds before that eh inilabas ko ang fone ko. hawak ko sya sa right hand at sa left naman ang mga gamit na dala ko. at dahil dun, nakita kagad ni jejemon 1 ang aking precious fone. kinuha at nag about face. pero si jejemon 2 na mukang 12 years old at kahawig ni izzy mendoza <rugby boy version> ay di pa nakuntento. inangat nya pa ang bag ko at ipinasok ang kamay sa right front pocket ng pants ko pati sa back pocket, probably to search for my wallet. buti na lang at nawala sya sa mood at gumora na din. sakay ng Kuliglig, sila ay tumakas. to my surprise, all this time may guard pala na nasa likod ko lang pero sya ay nag ppowernap. naistorbo ko pa tuloy. tinangka nyang habulin pero parang habol na char char lang masabi lang na nag effort sya. right at that moment wala akong na feel. sabi ko sasakay na lang ako ng taxi at ddiresto na ng uwi dahil wla naman na kong magagawa. VOILA!  nalampasan na din pala ko ng yellow taxi na hinihintay ko. sa aking muling pagaabang, may tumawid na dalawang mama palapit sa kin. na witness pala nila ang mga nangyari. "dude, ok ka lang ba? di ka ba nasaktan?" nang maaninag ko na sila. SHIYETTT. ang HOT!!!!! ayun nahiya tuloy ako, nawalan ng poise at panty. dahil sa confusion naglakad na lang ulit ako pabalik sa mga friends ko at ikinwento ang nangyari.

haiz, buhay, what a nice birthday gift. later na lang nag sink in sa kin ang mga pangyayari. naiyak din ako after dahil sa takot at sa inis. i got the fone a year ago as a birthday gift and i lost it the following bday. kewl di ba?
napalitan naman na sya, ng mas maganda. pero may kirot pa rin pag naaalala ko ang memories namin ng fone ko <number ng mga exes, future, etc> and it is the scariest event of my life, to date.

so you can't blame me, twing nakakakita ko ng mga jejemon, may poot at kaba akong nararamdaman at habangbuhay ko itong dadalhin. im sure may mga mabubuting jejemon pa din na natitira, pero maaaring ma corrupt din sila ng mga kapatid nila sa pananampalataya.

Lesson: wag nang choosy sa taxi pag nasa madilim na lugar; tumakbo o lumayo pag may kahinahinalang Kuliglig, at pag may nakitang jejemon batuhin ito ng malaking bato sa ulo. ulit-ulitin pa para sure.

at sa mga nambiktima sa kin at patuloy na nambibiktimang mga jejemown

PfuOTang!nuaH nyowH! \m/

0 I can't live without my...

In this modern day and age, na-eexperience natin ang halos lahat ng convenience, OO maniwala ka man o hindi. at kung tatanungin tayo ng walang kamatayang tanong na what are the things i can't live without, eh marahil makakapaglista ka ng daan daang mga bagay. actually mas madami pa nga kung pagiisipan mo talaga, pero mas appropriate na tanong dun ay "things I DON"T WANT to live without". at kung gagawa ako ng listahan ko nun, for sure hindi mawawala ang aking "TYANE"!!! ang aking trustee tyane na dala dala ko kahit saan ako pumunta. Seriously. Sa office, out of town, gimik nights, pag pupunta sa mall, badminton court at kung saan saan pa (not to mention katabi ko pa itong matulog). di naman dahil ginagamit ko sya pero sa twing hindi ko sya dala, merong sense of panic akong nararamdaman. Don't get me wrong, hindi po ako nagaahit ng kilay at wala yun sa plano ko (I love my full brows). pero sa options ng shaving, waxing, o plucking, medyo matimbang sa kin ang pagbubunot. no worries, di naman lahat ng buhok sa katawan ko ay tsinatyane ko haha. daig ko pa ang nagpenitensya sa mahal na araw nun. ang partikular lang na pinagiinitan ko ay ang aking balbas-saur. pag sa shaving kasi, ilang minutes lang feeling ko tumutubo na ulit sya, OA kasi ang bilis ng tubo ng hair ko, kung mutant man ako for sure ang powers ko ay ang magpatubo ng buhok. plus nakaka dyahe makipag lampungan kapag parang liha ang iyong baba. may kakaibang excitement din na dala ang pagbubunot. para itong Farmville, na harvest part nga lang. minsan masyado pa maliit na hindi pa sya kaya ng iyong partner tyane. maghihintay ka na ito'y tumubo pa ng konti saka mo pwedeng tirahin. minsan pa nga'y may mga tumutubo na ingrown hair kung saan paloob ang tubo ng hair o yung nasa ilalim sya ng skin. eto ang medyo madugong parte. minsan, literal na madugo. 

     may mga strategy din na kelangan dito, dapat alam mo kung san ang direksyon ng pagtubo ng buhok, susundan mo lang ito para hindi ganun kasakit. despite all the hardships and perseverance involved, pag naramdaman mo nang kuminis ang baba mo o di kaya's nakuha mo ang notorious na buhok. SOBRANG REWARDING NG FEELING! parang orgasm! haha pero para sa sobrang dami nang buhok, o kaya'y kapag nagmamadali, i resort to waxing, parang lang itong instant noodles o skyflakes na madalas na pantawid gutom. siguro sa 8,064 hours sa isang taon nasa 96 to 100 hours na ang nagugugol ko sa pagbubunot, hindi pa kasama dyan ang unconscious pagbunot using fingernails hahaha. may magic din na kasama ang pagpili ng iyong partner tweezer. parang nung hinanap ni harry potter ang kanyang wand. you do not choose the tyane, it chooses you, and once you find it, it becomes an extension of your soul. kaya ako sa inyo, subukan nyo ang magbunot, no-cost na, stress reliever pa! orayt!