Monday, June 6

7 Ang mga Bading salot

Being a kid is probably the happiest, most memorable part of our lives (excluding the time you discovered orgasm, and the time you discovered orgasm with another kid ^___^). Yes, that is the time you'll probably choose to go back if given a chance. Well, to most of us, i think.

But growing up as a gay kid is a whole different story. it's more colorful and more action-packed. It's like seeing the world with 3d glasses.

however, it's one of the most excruciating phase a person can go through. It's a kind of life that you have to live solely by your own. Considered as Abnormal by a society who thinks being pale and colorless is beautiful and money a good judge of character.

A little girl has her mom, whose willing to play with her dolls and is always excited to dress her up like one.
While all the gay kid has are the lifeless paper dolls he drew and cut, and his Lola's old warm blanket as his couture night gown.

A little boy has a Dad, who will always be there to teach him how to protect himself from bullies or to coach him how to get his crush' attention.
While for the gay kid, all he can do is to ignore those big kids and their unchildly misbehaviors, not having any chance to fight back, and his fellow gay friends to share the picture of the boy he fancies that he stole from the school yearbook.

Truth be told, a Gay person is cursed to live a life of plain inequality. To be judged, not in a beauty pageant but in their everyday living. To gain titles that are far from compliments. To be popular, like a newly discovered disease. 

And yet, like the cockroaches who survived the dinosaurs and nuclear attacks, their species have survived far enough that world domination is only a double backflip, triple-split away from their frenched-tipped hands. 

I think it's time to clear some things up bitches:

Gays does have a serious side. That's what my closet queen professor showed when he caught me and a friend talking during an exam.

Gays are good providers. not just for them, for their family. For their boyfriends, and for the boyfriends family.

Gays does not spend all their waking hours thinking of boys and sex! Wet dreams happens when you're asleep.

Gays are Talented and witty. We do have stand-up comics and all that shit. But we also have doctors and lawyers not to mention the police gays.

Gays are more resourceful than Men. Yes there are tons of parlor gays, but there are also boxer gays, basketball players, kargadors etcetera etcetera. Name it and we have everything, in gay version. Wait, are there any Parlor Boys?

Gays are good judge of characters. Of course. Try to be judged your whole life and i'm pretty sure you'll master it too.

Gays are not cowards. It's just that most of them are well-educated and they know the difference of what is cheap and classy.

Gays are Intellegent, uhm yes that's correct. enough said.

Gays are economically beneficial. About 92% of the queens are bringing home the bacon.

Gays can be good examples. Just look at spongebob squarepants.

and lastly, 

Gays are not always happy and gay. They are also, good citizens, responsible parents and God fearing people.

This post does not intend to offend anybody, nor to attack any of the hetero sexes. My only intention is to show what is equal and realistic (In my own point of view at least). Many gays have suffered and got killed. some due to discrimination and plain hate. Same as any other straight people who became victims to senseless murders. Gays are being treated same way the black people were treated before. Now look at them, they have beyonce and Obama. The gays already have Boy Abunda and have enough supplies of divas to last an eternity but no change has yet to be seen.

1 out of 10 men are gays. That's 10%. Same percentage of brain cells that fires up whenever (If ever) you use your brains.

The best way to change the world? Try not to change it to what you think it should be. That would make a difference.


  1. Its true that gay people have other things in mind as well. They also have dreams. Responsibilities and problems to deal with. Most gay people I know are actually more 'refined' people than some of my slob guy friends. Haha.

  2. wow APE, it's good to know you're not homophobic hehe.

  3. nagiging masaya ang buhay dahil sakanila.. pero hindi sa kanilang lahat

  4. Haha napakaseryosong post tapos may pic sa dulo, hindi ko tuloy alam kung seryoso ka haha... Tama resourceful nga ang mga bading. Magaling silang mag-magic...

  5. Jaderated--ei Jade? yeah---magkabatch kami halos ni Alek na pumasok ng Yopho and naging close naman kami magkakabatch talaga sa group. He is very level minded and all. tas cool din. small world.hahaha. me officemate pala sya na nakadalaw na sa blog ko at nagboblog din. tagal kana ba bogger? saw your site. kulet .hahaha.

  6. lovely! this post made me smile.

    swerte pa din ang gay generation ngayon, kasi IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED nalang ang di makakatanggap that they exist. =)

  7. i super love this post teh:)Kaya wag na kayo magtaka pag dumating ang panahon na mga beki na ang nagpapatakbo sa mundo:)


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