Sunday, October 23

4 Where's the party in Party Pilipinas?

Seriously? Where?

This is one of those rare sundays where i just stay at home without taking a shower until the late afternoon. In short, it's a "petiks" mode sunday. In times like this, i turn to ASAP for a bit of a hype, but today proves to be different. Thank you Nonito Donaire for stealing the spotlight, because of you, i was forced to watch that putrid show Party Pilipinas. (PS, you will never be as good as Manny Pacquiao, but it's ok since you're not as jologs and you have accent).

to all Kapuso reading this, sorry to break your hearts but i really hate PP.

Okay, i know what you're thinking.

"why did you watch it you fuktard?! no one forced you to watch it then whine afterwards!"

Just consider it as a guilty pleasure. Or something like that. Have you ever had the weird urge to tickle your soles just so you can scratch it after? It's a sweet torture.

 I have read several reviews about PP's numbers being compared to ASAP's, and no good comments are given to PP, not even to it's predecessor SOP. They say PP is just a failed attempt to revamp SOP. It's the same exact thing, only crazier and perhaps more confusing.

I watched intently as the opening number starts. Guess which star leads the opening. TENEN! Marian Rivera. Classy right? The crowd roars as she maneuvers herself from back to front of stage with a snake-like-Marimar-ish-GRO-ish sexy dance and when she reached the front, she pulled out a fone, and the next song you asked? What else but Lady Gaga's Telephone! Talk about Literal Translation.

Several unknown singers and dancers performed after her. And just when you think it's finished, Jolina Magdangal comes out with La diva, yup the dreamgirl/chipmunks wannabes.

as much as i want to keep the disgust to myself, i can't help but gasp with disbelief as to what i am seeing. I even told my dad that there should be a law banning aging stars to do this sorts of performances for their own sake. C'mon Jolina, have you gone mad? after failing to become the philippine's lady gaga, now you end up like this? Your chick flick reign with marvin is SO OVER. You should really consider retiring, please.

Let's not forget about THE song writer, Ogie. He was wearing something that i'm pretty sure is suppose to be worn by Elmo Magalona. If i remember it correctly (I hope not), he was wearing something like a sparkly white jacket, baggy pants WITH justin bieber shades. I don't remember the song though but it was a party song, and he just stood there without moving. I think he's also aware that he's doing some crazy shit at that time. Perhaps too stressed and disoriented with the approaching baby. So i guess we can forgive him.

and my oh my, Marc Abaya... If he only knew that GMA would ask him to do Lady Gaga songs, i bet my virginity, he would never transfer. Never.

Did i mention that Marian Rivera also ended the opening number? (which should never be opened at all) yup, she did what she does best, AGAIN. Look stupid, danced passionately of course. I just think she should have spent more time memorizing all the steps or perhaps learning new ones. Coz i don't know if it's just me but i'm pretty sure she only knows one particular dance step that she uses for all types of songs, whether techno, jazz or Kanto-bar type music. That pelvic dance with a 360 degree turn after every 8 beats with her nostrils opened wide. No wonder you can see deep sadness in the eyes of the audiences. They're like souls begging for mercy and freedom.
After that number, here comes the hosts. I swear, if Raymond Gutierrez is gay, i'll plank on the the middle of Crossing at shaw blvd. Magkamatayan na. Hello, he can't be gay. It's impossible.
I also don't understand why in the world they would include Tim Yap as one of the hosts. He just doesn't fit. Seriously, if you look through his outrageous outfits and heavily waxed hair and try to concentrate on his hosting skills, There's none.

I even think our alcoholic neighbor who is drunk 8 days a week would do hellah better hosting PP than Tim Yap. I'm just sayin.

Anyways, after a few grueling minutes (which seemed to be like days) of watching PP, ASAP finally started. BOOYAH! Even though the first thing i saw is the not-so-appealing-happy-foundation-day-uber-close-up shot of Marcelito Pomoy falsetto-ing his heart out, I already know i'm in for a show. :)

I'd rather amuse myself in the presence of the ASAP homos making girl audiences shriek with utter madness than watch PP, or like i said. Mag p-planking na lang ako. hahahaha

ako na ang stressed sa tv shows.

PS. if ever i offended you with this post, please know that deep in my heart i'm a fan of Jonalyn Viray (NOT!!) and her very successful nose job. Possibly the only thing successful in her. LOL


  1. Hahaha this is one of your best posts! Panalo! Manlait ka pa! Mooooore! I want moooooore hahaha

  2. jade, sabi n ate maien, ung tim yap daw "TangInang Mukha Yan Ang Pangit!" tawa kmi n ate s mga blogs m! hahahaha.

  3. talking about HYPOCRISY, ayaw mo kay MARIAN RIVERA pero nilagay mo siya sa labels, para madaling masearch ang blog mo, let me guess, kase alam mong sikat si Marian... IPOKRITO!!!

  4. of course!! y not! hahaha


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