Sunday, August 19

1 Sino ang tunay na baliw?

While having coffee one evening, my Nurse\Ninja friend Toshing shared some of her duty stories, particularly the one where she was assigned in the AFP Psychiatric ward.

I was particularly curious and excited about this topic since mental insanity has remained as one of my greatest fascinations (just like glow-in-dark-tattoos, and abnormally long French fries).

According to her, the patient that was assigned to her is a soldier "who lost it" in the middle of a battle. From what she heard, the man, started preaching about God and other bible things right in the middle of a cross-fire until he ended up in the mental facility.

She also said that from the interviews that they did with the patient, she can tell that the man is one smart son-of-a-… turns out to be a very intelligent individual. Not the usual crappy-crazy type we see on the streets or in our offices. She even recalled one time when the man also won countless times when they played Pinoy Henyo in one of their programs.

This got me curious.

Saturday, August 11

1 That Awesome feeling

You know that awesome magical feeling filled with rainbows, butterflies and unicorns??

Nope, i’m not talking about orgasm or anything that involves your other perverted thoughts.

I’m talking about these:

1. That awesome feeling of peeing after minutes of holding it in. ooh kilig.

2. That awesome feeling when after eating your favorite snack, there’s another one left.

3. That awesome feeling when you go home starving for hours and your mom cooked your favorite.

4. That awesome feeling when you can't help but fart but it's silent and odorless. Not even the holy spirit noticed.