Sunday, November 18

2 When Boy meets Girl. A guide.

Isn't it bonggelz to think of all the amazing things the human race has achieved over its existence? I think so too.

We have reached the moon and mars and invented wireless communication. We even came up with a device smarter than us. Yes the smartphone!

But no matter how much we try to look into things beyond our reach, the fact remains that there are territories as vague as alien life. I'm talking about relationships. In my 17 years existence (Oo, 17 lang the other 6 years are wasted emo-ing and flirting haha) i heard tons of shiznits from both friends and strangers about lovelives, sexlives and everything in between, that i actually thought of writing a book, a very thick book that i intend to hit their heads with. Mine included.
Being the observer and seeing things from a clearer perspective, i can say that most relationship issues are just effects of miscommunication or the lack of it. 

Thesseeeeeeeeee you need to know!

Girls need regular dose of compliments. But do not overdose!  
It's always nice to feel that someone appreciates you or even notices the simple things you do. Remember how you try to do cute things when you were in school just so your teacher can give you a star? It gives them a natural high. Ask them if they did something new to their hair because it looks pretty even if it look a bit pubic-ish. Tell her she's got gorgeous eyes even if the bags are the size of a croissant. Tell her how charming she is even though she's PMS-ing. Sometimes, if you have to lie, do it. Everyone deserves a bit of spoiling once in a while.

PS Boys need the same dose as girls. Don't be selfish divas girls.

When a girl says "babe you're getting fat", or starts calling you names like piggy, take it seriously and do something about it!
That's her simple way of saying, you're ugly na! No matter how true and pure your love is for each other, it's always nice to have someone you can show off to other people or in FB, at least.

Girls do the same! Don't settle for pretty, strive to be HOT. Not just to please your boyfriends, but there will be slimmer chances they will cheat on you. Remember, Instagram can't protect you forever.

Let her do her thing. 
If she wants to wear make up even if she's just going to the mall, Let her. It's not her fault you look too plain for her. Let her wear her heels even if it makes you a bit of a midget. It's not her fault.
What you do is you use it as inspiration to look good as well.

You can also use this as an excuse for her to let you buy your jordans. :)

The quote "This is me when we first met, so don't try to change me" is bullcrap. 
A relationship is a lot of work. To get something out of it, you have to give something in exchange. Follow your partner's advice if it will help you grow and if it's beneficial to both of you. If you feel they are demanding things for their own benefit and insecurities, ditch it.

In exchange for doing this, your partner should listen to what you have to say too.

Girls, believe in "everyone deserves a second chance".
Believe me they do. Lucky you! No matter how abominable your sin, they are willing to forgive. Just make sure you don't push it too much. It says second chance, not third, NOT FORTY-TWO. K?

Get rich... or die single.
I know couples who were together the longest but the girl ended up breaking up with the guy because of this. People are practical now, and relationships are no exceptions. The love and the kilig factor might keep you together the first few years but after that, reality will start to kick in. Specially if you two are becoming serious with each other, any girl wants their future secured. If they feel the guy don't have anything much planned for the future, things become shady.

Girls, learn how to cook or do house chores. It's the same thing. Guys also want to secure their future, so go make him a sandwich. LOL

peace out!


  1. Finally bumalik ka na. Where have you been? I guess, after this post you'll be gone missing again for some period of time. Mushroom lang ang peg?

    Anyway it's always hard to reconcile the two species and yet because of marriage you can actually make them as one.

    The many mysteries of life.

    Another thing, girls must accept that fact that males are not mind-readers. It seems that they want men to know what's going on with their minds. Hello? We're just plain human beings! Pambihira talaga mga babae. Sila naman talaga ang alien eh! hahaha!

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