Sunday, August 19

1 Sino ang tunay na baliw?

While having coffee one evening, my Nurse\Ninja friend Toshing shared some of her duty stories, particularly the one where she was assigned in the AFP Psychiatric ward.

I was particularly curious and excited about this topic since mental insanity has remained as one of my greatest fascinations (just like glow-in-dark-tattoos, and abnormally long French fries).

According to her, the patient that was assigned to her is a soldier "who lost it" in the middle of a battle. From what she heard, the man, started preaching about God and other bible things right in the middle of a cross-fire until he ended up in the mental facility.

She also said that from the interviews that they did with the patient, she can tell that the man is one smart son-of-a-… turns out to be a very intelligent individual. Not the usual crappy-crazy type we see on the streets or in our offices. She even recalled one time when the man also won countless times when they played Pinoy Henyo in one of their programs.

This got me curious.

Are they aware that they are no longer normal? That they see the world in a completely different scope? Just like seeing the world with instagram on your eyeballs, only with crazier filters. LOL.

I have this theory that, inside their heads, these people still think that they are normal and that they are just surrounded by insane people in an even crazier planet.

Nowadays, who can tell who’s crazy or not? Yung totoo.

Just look at Joel Cruz right here.

Fame and success, check! Multi-million property, check! Tons of cash, check! Mental capacity to know the difference between billboard-worthy and just-plain-gross, uhmmm i don't think so.

I know, i know, that with money comes endless amount of possibility but still, no amount of money can save you from looking like this, and parading it along edsa for the whole country to throw up to. 

As much as i am curious about what's going on inside the crazies' heads, nothing scares me more than some zombie-baliw walking freely on the streets. Saying that i'm scared is actually an understatement. I actually cringe whenever i come near one.

When i was a kid i use to help my Grandma in our drugstore every summer vacay. There's this one fateful afternoon when i got hungry. I told my Dad who was with me that time that i will buy a burger in one of those popular burger stands that's just a few blocks away. While walking I already saw this woman standing on the side of the street. Nothing really strange about her. She looks clean and not a single clue that she is different so I didn't budge. On my way back, i almost had a heart attack when she grabbed my precious juicy burger.

Of course, being a kid, i wouldn't just give it up without a fight. I tried everything to save my beloved burger but the bitch is not as stupid as i think. She did what i feared the most. She squeezed my burger until it becomes something unrecognizable. Realizing that i'm hopeless I ran back home crying to my dad.

That day marked the beginning of my Baliwophobia. The horror.

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  1. People usually say that they are fascinated with the mentally-disturbed individuals. It's just that Hollywood made the crazy so glamorous, so unnaturally beautiful, and so impossibly sexy that our concept of the insane is so distorted. In real life, they're not fabulous, glamorous, or sexy. They're plain crazy, dirty, and sometimes smelly.

    I used to think that it would be cool to be insane, just for the sake of being different. Kaya madalas may mga catch phrase na "medyo baliw", o "may kabaliwan". Cute kasi tingnan sa mga profiles o cute sabihin sa pag-describe ng isang kaibigan o ng sarili.

    But the truth is, there's nothing cute about being a psychotic. Period. Nobody would really want to be *baliw*. Period.

    Except for the abandoned prophets like the military guy you mentioned earlier. I have a feeling that he's not really insane. He's simply spiritually zealous. Wait. Yeah, that's a crazy one. PERIOD.

    And people like that one in the billboard are not crazy. Sen. Tito Sotto, for all his stupid speeches and many other shenanigans, and company are not crazy.

    They are plain A**HOLES full of SH*T. PERIOD.


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