Monday, July 9

5 Pinoy Pride

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back.

Sorry if it took me decades to write anything.

All my friends (all 3 of them, including a dog) have been asking for me to start writing again, and i swear, I tried really hard, but i'm afraid i lost my blogging mojo. If there is such thing.

During my months of hiatus, I've been busy with tons of things. One of which is to look for a cure for my writer's block. And according to the almighty, all-knowing, over-accurate Wikipedia, 1 good way to get your butt back to writing is to, just write anything.

No complicated topics, no over-thinking. Just write whatever's in your head. So here I am giving it a shot.

<got my balls crossed! cross yours too please>


It is always nice to have pride in yourself. Pride lifts up the spirit and gives us hope and courage even in the worst of situations. But when pride becomes selective and illogical, it turns into an ugly thing.

We can't help but be proud of Lea Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda and of course, Manny "the preacher" Pacquiao. Their achievements across the world helped put the Philippines on the map. However there are instances where we tend to over-pride ourselves.

Remember when Jessica Sanchez became popular? We greedily claimed her as one of us, when in fact she is also half-Mexican. And when she lost to Philip Phillips, all Filipino hell (im-im-impyerno) broke lose. It's as if Americans cheated on the Filipinos, The votes are biased and racist. Philip Phillips will be stoned to death once he steps on our native land.

Negative, not to mention hateful comments about Philip, and the american idol show was hurled all over social networking sites. Then there's the Pacquiao-bradley fight. Although I personally believe they did some magic on the decision, the comments against Bradley were below the belt and has "sore-loser" written all over it.

Tenen! I also find it amusing when we Pinoys, claim someone to be "ours" when they become popular on something even if they only have a drop of pinoy blood. Another thing that amazes me is how some foreign person starts claiming they're pinoy just to have a career opportunity in showbiz or sports <see David Archuleta, see Azkals> .

You guys remember the once-viral youtube video, where a caucasian guy listed down 20 things he hates about the Philippines. It was ridiculous how people reacted violently to the poor guy, who in the end apologized and took back what he said because of the fear of being skinned alive and turned into isaw or betamax. He may be wrong on some of his observations but seriously, come on, we can do better than that.

How come it's too hard for us to just take the criticisms and do something about it instead of whining like pigs (Carabaos perhaps?).

We are our worst critics. There are just times when most of us keeps their eyes closed when in front of the mirror.


  1. Thank God I'm not alone. And yes, I'm a freakin' racist because I hate half-breeds.

  2. Nice to hear from you again....

  3. Just one among the many things wrong about us Pinoys. Kapag may nagawang good, proud na proud. Pero kapag nahuling may ginawang masama, it's a different story.

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