Monday, October 24


Just to be clear.

Girls, by USELESS, I am not referring to your ex boyfriends (or current ones)

Boys, I am also not referring to your ex girlfriends........................................    or boyfriends (",)

nor we are going to discuss about the traffic enforcer who does nothing but to collect super dark boogers after hours of "chillin" in the middle of the road. No.

I am thinkin' more of INANIMATE (life-less) things. like this:
LOL. Just kidding. I love the government as much as i love rainbows and butterflies. I love it so much it hurts.

Well, to continue, i decided to compile a list of everyday things that we use or encounter that "in substance" are actually useless, redundant or simply, things that we can live without.

First in my list:

Elevator Close buttons
We are naturally controlling. We like to see things move or do its trick as we push a specific button. Its human nature. Elevator buttons actually don't work. If you will observe, the time for an elevator to close on its own compared to you pushing that button is the same. So whenever you're running late, the only benefit of overpressing this button is to release your stress or to give you that ultimate satisfaction of closing the elevator doors in the office bitch's face.

Also, since the American disabilities act, all elevator close buttons have been disabled. So unless you're in Japan (where these buttons actually work) there's really no point in pressing it.

signature campaigns
I can't remember the last time i signed up for one of these. If i did, i bet it's because of peer pressure, additional credits in school or if there's a hottie in the signing booth. But have you ever wondered what happens after they gathered a gazillion signatures? I don't think they go far. Signatures are only gathered to get an initiative. I say it does something, but not enough.

also, if these things really works, do you think terrorists will go out of their way to bomb stuffs including themselves just to prove a point or to get what they want? And if it does work, i'll probably start asking for signatures to ban Marian Rivera from exposing her nostrils on national TV (di maka move on??! LOL).

Cigarette Filters
This is one way smokers make themselves believe they still take care of their health. c'mon!
I use to smoke, and i tell you, these things are bullcrap. They don't work and they only filter, like 1% of the total deadly things from the cigarette. Using it is actually gross. Most packages say you can use a piece for up to a 100 or more cigarettes but use it for the first it becomes yellow, for a few more and it's almost black. I bet it's more dangerous to use these repeatedly since it accumulates gross stuff inside. You wanna live clean, stop fooling yourself by filtering, and stop smoking altogether.

PS. i haven't really stopped. but i'm already smoke free for quite some time now.

Facebook poke button
I believe many of you will agree with me that Mark Zuckerberg should just replace this with, PUNCH, KICK-IN-THE-BALLS, or TORRID-KISS buttons. Right? Poking is effective in real life, and it depends which part you poke, and how many times you poked it. But in facebook? Spell Lame. 

If you like someone, and you wanna get their attention, LIKE their E-V-E-R-Y status, photos and links. i'm sure, they'll get your message

It is weird knowing one of your body parts will be taken away from you and will be mixed in Adobo or something. choz. but from what i heard, many people nowadays are getting rid of their Tonsils. They say that like the appendix, it doesn't really have a function in the body, and instead it is a common cause for tonsillitis and infections since it becomes a chillspot for bacteria and viruses.

Bendable straws
Let us close our eyes and imagine ourselves drinking with a bendable straw. I'll bet my pwet that the tip of the straw is pointing upwards, not unless you are holding the glass higher than your head or mouth which is stupid. Then, what is the purpose of the straw being bendable?

I know I know! so you can drink from your glass without tilting your head! yeah that's basically it.

Playing card jokers
I don't think i need to explain further. I'm not sure about the history behind this but i don't think the joke is funny. Pag picture siguro ni derek ang nilagay baka pati nanay mo isugal mo na din! Pak!

Statement bag tags
I find these as one of the most stupid things ever. Really if i'm going to steal someones bag, a tag saying "sorry, not yours" will never ever stop me. I'll probably leave the owner a note saying "it's mine now, bitch".

Brief Pockets

Guys, have you ever imagined paying the jeepney with all your precious coins hanging out with your other precious treasures? or maybe trying to tip the waiter or bouncer with your hard earned cash, with your other hard- earned? LOL. I don't think that's a pretty sight. Unless you want these: "kuya penge nga pong barya! Now na!"
And lastly,

Si Ding

Time and time again, one of our local heroine (if not the only one) proves that she is in fact a DIVA. Seriously, would you risk the safety of the country by entrusting the "bato" to a snotty kid, just because you don't want the burden of carrying it with you? Panu kung nagdota sya? what will be the faith of the pinoys?

and if i were Ding, BAKIT KO PA IBABALIK ANG BATO??! Finder's keepers noh! haha

Hope you enjoyed reading. feel free to share and COMMENT. mga letche basa lang ng basa. hehehe. tsup mwah gangbang!


  1. Dear Jade,
    Ang Playing card jokers ay ginagamit kung sakaling may mawalang baraha. kung mapapansin mo, dalawa rin ang kulay nito, black and red. pag nawala ang isang itim na baraha...well, i know you got the idea. haha.. ang problema lang, kung yung joker ang unang mawala. :-)

    Boy tong-its

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