Tuesday, January 22

0 The cure for EDSA traffic - what MMDA should do

It was built under the name North-South circumferential road then was changed to Avenida 19 de Junio after the Philippine Independence. Renamed again as Highway 54 and to what we know today as EDSA.

Surely the History of EDSA is one of the richest, but another thing that comes to our minds when we hear of it, is its equally famous and perpetual TRAFFIC!!!!!

Yes my friends, no matter how good you start your day, the heavy EDSA Traffic will never fail to ruin it. It's so hopeless that sometimes while stuck in traffic, looking outside the car window tears will suddenly fall from your left eye (left eye only) and you will realize all hope is lost in this god-forsaken road.

Before, there is only the morning rush hour traffic and the evening rush hour traffic. Now, we have merienda rush hour traffic, Lunch traffic, and twilight traffic. We have bad traffic 24 hours a day (I'm exaggerating, it's just 21 hours).

Being a daily commuter and spending more than enough time observing and reflecting, i have thought of possible solutions to help improve the traffic situation and prevent the daily chance of an MRT stampede.

Buses eating up all the precious EDSA space

Widen the roads - I don't care if you kill a few jollibees and mcdonald's here and there, just don't touch the malls please haha. Unlike other richer countries, majority of the Manila population depends on public transport instead of having their own cars. It is a fact though, that the roads we have here are not enough. 6 lanes per each direction is too small for the number of cars, buses, FX, jeeps, motorcycles and Kuligligs.
Cars becoming useless during heavy flooding

Sunday, January 13

2 Kinds of Casual Partners

Please don't judge me. I'm not a book, and you're not a judge. haha

You might think i'm a nymphomaniac, but I assure you I am the most decent, virginal creature you'll ever meet. Char.

Well since i'm in the right age and assuming you are too, i guess it's totally fine to share some of the data I gathered throughout the years of my sexual experiments. (yes i did it for science and educational purposes only).

As you embark on your own adventure, you will be meeting some of these characters. Sila ang magbibigay kulay at trauma sa iyong mga sexual ganap. Kaya I think it's better to be well-oriented and prepared.

Remember, sex is not all rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it's like an early morning rush-hour pila sa MRT. Haggard at stressful.