Sunday, November 18

2 When Boy meets Girl. A guide.

Isn't it bonggelz to think of all the amazing things the human race has achieved over its existence? I think so too.

We have reached the moon and mars and invented wireless communication. We even came up with a device smarter than us. Yes the smartphone!

But no matter how much we try to look into things beyond our reach, the fact remains that there are territories as vague as alien life. I'm talking about relationships. In my 17 years existence (Oo, 17 lang the other 6 years are wasted emo-ing and flirting haha) i heard tons of shiznits from both friends and strangers about lovelives, sexlives and everything in between, that i actually thought of writing a book, a very thick book that i intend to hit their heads with. Mine included.
Being the observer and seeing things from a clearer perspective, i can say that most relationship issues are just effects of miscommunication or the lack of it. 

Thesseeeeeeeeee you need to know!