Tuesday, April 26

2 one and own-leh

I already fell in and out Love countless times. And I got hurt big time.

It came to a point, that the only Trust i know is a condom, and it's not even my brand. I dared not to look for Love or even use the word twice in a day. Because it's jologs. Because so many people have used it unceasingly that no one really remembered what it means or how it felt. Darn those TV shows.

But i know that someday you would change the way i think. you will never fail me. that's for sure. that's what my wet dreams told me. lol

Time passes quickly when we hang out. We would joke about the most random things. Stupid things but i never get tired. You will always make sure i get home safely, right in front of our doorsteps. You always drive so fast, but it's ok. I ain't scared. I love speed as much as you do.

You're not a big facebook fan. You won't even comment on anything on my wall, even in things you're already tagged in. But whenever we see each other, you never fail to tease me on my candid pics or korny statuses. You're a bit stalker-ish don't you think? but it's cute. I like it. sweet.

we fight all the time :)

we fight on who'se going to sing in the videoke first, or whose going to sit near the window. It hurts..... to hear your monotonous voice, but it's music to my ears. Whenever i catch you staring at me, you would pretend to make funny faces so i won't tease you.

You say i have the smallest eyes, i say YOU have the biggest. I will sacrifice a lot for us, even to stay up late just so i can watch your ball game. On weekends, I'd rather go with you and play airsoft with your boys rather than go shopping with my girls. That's coz we're a team. I would even let you beat me in badminton just so i won't hurt your ego, and like a kid, you would brag about it all the way home.

You're the corniest guy i ever know. You can't even pull off a good conversation. But you're the sweetest. You always eat the parts i don't like in a chicken. You'll eat the crust on my pizza. we spend hours on the phone and you won't put your fone down not unless you hear me snore on the other end of the line. when we say goodbye, you never fail to kiss me on the forehead. Your sweaty hands won't let go of mine, even if people won't stop staring. You don't care, we both don't care.

You always give me that attitude just so i will get pissed off , then you will sneak sticky notes in my bag with your sorry and sweet cheesy nothings, and it works all the time. 

Now i'm head over heels with you. I can't imagine my weekends or weeknights without you. Your scent, your boring stories, your cute boyish charms and your corny punchlines. everything i love and hate about you.

I promise to always be your backup, your bestfriend and your number 1 fan. To smell and hug you even after a long game of basketball. To listen attentively to your stories. and to laugh hysterically with your jokes. to cook your favorite meal even if i don't even know how to use the stove (gosh am i pathetic). to give you massages til you fall asleep and to wake up beside you every morning. Everything and anything for you. My one and own-leh. :)

too bad.



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