Monday, July 18

1 The deathly Office

Was finally able to watch the last installment of Harry Potter, at infernes ok sya dahil nakapagsabi nanaman ako ng "UH-mazing" na 70 decibels loud after ng movie.

well guys, this ain't a movie review. Sorry to disappoint you. It's just that everytime I find it hard to write something, i try to dwell on recent memories and try to tell it NOT as it is. And sadly it's Harry Potter.

May pagka weirdo ako, allergic ako sa mainstream lalo na sa movies o kaya songs. For me kasi, pag masyadong napapagusapan ang isang bagay, i only find the thing overrated and disappointing not because it's awful but I simply expected too much of everything. Mas masarap idiscover ang mga bagay na untouched o virgin (tulad ko hahaha). I feel more passionate in appreciating it in its purest form and not just because of peer pressure.

Deathly office dahil kasalukuyan, ang opisina ko ay puno ng death o gusto kong punuin ng death. basta something to that effect. Korny lang di ba. Bigla ko na lang na realize na we find Harry Potter's life very magical and out of this world, when in reality we are all harry potter's in our own rights.

Harry Potter dahil napapaligidan tayo ng mga magical creatures all over the place. Wizards and B*tches na walang good and bad side. what's important is if they are on your side. Tama naman di ba?

here's the scenario bago ka sa office. You will now enter a new unfamiliar realm. And in your mind, you hear voldemort saying : "the boy who lived has come to die". and your adventure begins.

the RON and HERMIONE character- amidst all the troubles and dangers that awaits you, you will find these people. Sila ang mga die-hard fans mo, angels in disguise, the misery groupmates or simply called friends. Most of them kung mapapansin ay halos same age-bracket mo. you may find others who are older or younger pero iba pa din ang bond with people of your age. May sarili kayong trip at malamang parepareho kayong pinag ttripan ng mga nakakatanda. The catch, since package deal kayo, damay ka na din sa mga problema o issue ng isa.

the DUMBLEDORE character /the headmaster - in every organization makakakita ka ng ganito. Sila kadalasan ang itinuturi mong mentor o iyong guide. whenever something awful comes up, hindi ka matatahimik not unless you hear what he has to say. His words of wisdom brings you confidence and a sense of calmness. Kailangan mo pa din maging objective all the time. yer not'a puhppet yeh know. Beware, these kinds are very manipulative people. Di naman nila mararating ang kanilang current position if not for their persuasive powers. Anyway, you can still learn a lot from these guys.
the SNAPE people - these are your seniors. Sila yung may pagka stiff paminsan minsan. Controlling. O kaya naman simpleng masungit. Mahirap makapalagayang loob kasi malakas pa sa palo ng baklameter ko ang mood swing nila. With their actions and sharp words, di mahirap isipin na super hate ka nila. But you have to look beyond that. Kadalasan kasi, yan para sa kanila ang most effective way to mold you to something better. Note to self, in dealing with this characters, absorb everything they teach you, and ignore the unnecessary PMS. :)
the HAGRID of all times - No place is complete without this guys. Sila ang mga typical na mabait na makikilala mo na always willing to give a hand on things, but only to things na kaya ng powers nila. They are not the brightest of the stars and these are the characters you often forget along the way. They might easily blend in the background but do not undermine their pure heart and trustworthiness.
the GODFATHER / GODMOTHER - these are probably your former boss, a former mentor or teacher na you always seek advise about almost anything. They are the ones you are most comfortable with kahit minsan di naman na sila talaga connected sa iyong current issue. Simply put, masyado mong vina-value ang kanilang mga advise, kaya madalas sila din ang una mong pinag susumbungan.

the immortal VOLDEMORT character - these may be common or super rare for some. Pero ito ang mga taong maituturi mong mortal na kaaway mula umpisa hanggang dulo. At oo, bawat chapter ng buhay mo ay ginugulo nya. Be alert, this type may appear human at first but soon it will reveal it's true form. A monster. Kung oobserbahan, kadalasan ng mga ganitong uri ng tao ang pangit talaga na mas nakakadagdag sa Hate factor. The only way to stop them, BEAT THEM TO A PULP.

oh tama na to, mahaba na masyado at masyado nang geeky. I hate doing lists talaga, it's so addictive, you just can't effing stop. Pero kahit malakas maka-harry potter itong post, mas ok na to kesa magsulat ako ng top favorite orgasmic blogs ko, kahit wala namang nagtatanong sa kin dahil lang umaasa akong isama din nila ko sa list nila o kaya eh mapansin ako ng crush kong blogger hehehe. Saka ko na lang gagawin yun pag hindi na rin sya mainstream hehehe

tsup mwah dogstyle! 

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  1. You left our Bellatrix Lestrange hehehe


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